Anniversary- TEN YEARS

Was it a coincidence or destiny: I really don't know 😊. That day- in 2009- as i was youtubing for craft videos, getting ready for a summer camp, I came across one that opened a new horizon. I can't forget how I was mesmerised by her cardmaking supplies and techniques. Couldn't stop the oohs and aahs and the end result was just a lollapalooza. 
Since then I started cardmaking and everday got new stuff to build my collection. Family and friends were very supportive that helpeddevelop my talent. First cards were so funny 😂- I still remember them- but practice makes perfect. I sold my cards at Edible Arrangements for two years and now proudly at @violachocolates. 
Time flies, yes its been 10 years already, but the journey is really exciting. Just coz I'm a busy dietitian (don't have plenty of time to make cards) trust me I still have that passion 😝. I will take this opportunity to thank every craft buddy, social media follower/fan, friend and family member who gave me a big thumbs up. Your kind words mean the world to me 💖.