Here are some cards from the Eid collection available at Edible Arrangements:

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My cards now at EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS!!!

Finally my handmade cards got a sweet home (two homes instead)!!! They are now proudly sold at Edible Arrangements, located in Dubai Healthcare City and Al Barsha.

As a dietetics graduate, I always wished that I don't end up selling in cupcake or confectioneries stores :) And my wish came true, they are now sold beside healthy and delicious fruit bouquets that no one should ever miss!!!

Every card has a unique style just because every customer is so special. They are made from genuine acid-free and lignin-free products exclusively bought from the US. You can view the cards in the gallery page...

A very special thanks goes to the Edible team for their great co-operation. And a big huge thanks to my beloved parents, siblings and friends for any effort they have put...

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